Instances You Should Consider Rekeying Building Locks

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When certain situations occur at your residence, you may need to invest in lock rekeying. This service entails changing existing lock coding to different sizes to provide a new key, preventing the old keys from working. 

Rekeying service enhances security and is ideal for those who don't want to spend a lot on lock replacements. So, when should you consider rekeying locks? Here are instances when this service will come in handy.

When You Lose a Key

Your home will be vulnerable if you or another family member loses a key. If the circumstances are unclear and you don't know when or how you lost the key, you shouldn't assume your home is safe. Maybe whoever lost the key is a target, and burglars want to break into the house. 

Even if your home isn't targeted, you still don't know what may happen once someone finds the key afterward. This is particularly true if the key is found by someone who resides in your neighborhood. Rekeying the locks will ensure that no one can access the house after finding the keys, so you will have peace of mind.

When You Buy a New House

If you have just acquired a new home, consider rekeying the locks. This needs to be done even after buying a new house. The chances are that the keys were shared amongst multiple contractors throughout the construction period. 

Also, if the house was occupied by previous residents, they may have duplicate keys. Make sure you rekey the house locks after moving in. This way, you will be certain strangers cannot access the house using the old keys.

When You Experience a Break-In

Each time a burglar gets into your home or attempts to break in, you should rekey the locks. This should be done even if the burglars accessed the house through the window or made a forced entry because they may have taken a spare key. Once the locks are rekeyed, you will enhance security in your residence. No one will use the previous key to enter the house in your absence or at night.

When a Spouse or Roommate Moves Out

After separating from your spouse or roommate, you should get a new set of keys for your home. This will ensure they cannot get back into the house after they decide to leave. Unfortunately, some people assume it's rude to rekey locks once someone moves out, even if you are still friends, but that is careless. Whether or not you are on good terms, your home's security should be prioritized.  

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