What You Should Know About Transponder Keys For Your Car

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While you might think of locksmiths when you're locked out of a building or need your locks changed, many of these pros also provide service for people's automotive needs. One such project is the creation of transponder keys. These keys are more sophisticated than standard keys and will let you enjoy plenty of benefits. Start with these suggestions as you learn more about these keys.

What exactly is a transponder key and how are they used?

A transponder key is a type of key for your car that features a microchip that is uniquely programmed to your vehicle. The purpose of this chip is to prevent thieves from copying your keys to steal your car. The chip interacts with an immobilizer that shuts your car down if it doesn't recognize the key. This information is stored digitally and adds to the uniqueness of each individual key. Having multiple walls of protection will keep your vehicle safe and sound, which is helpful whether you're dealing with a personal vehicle or a company car. Since these keys are digitally programmed, it's not possible for someone to duplicate them. This alone cuts down on the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen. 

Have you found a locksmith to craft a transponder key for your vehicle?

As you can see, these transponder keys use sophisticated programming that will require the help of an expert. If you need one of these keys, it's best that you start speaking to some professionals that can fabricate and program one for your automobile. Choose a locksmith that is up to date with this technology, and you'll not only get the best work but also a quick turnaround time on any key that you need.

Hiring a locksmith can also save you a bit of money when getting a transponder key cut and programmed. Automobile consumers report paying roughly $160 when getting one of these keys made at the dealership while going with a locksmith saves them as much as $30 on the job. Before getting this work done, ask your insurance company if getting a transponder key is covered. It's an upgrade that adds to the safety of your vehicle and may become a necessity if your previous key is ever stolen or otherwise goes missing. Be sure to find a proven locksmith so that you don't have any bugs or other setbacks when it's time to program a new key.

Use these tips and start shopping for transponder keys.