Why Add Anti-Passback Functions to Your Access Control System?

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If you want to set up entry cards for your employees, then you can do more with this feature than simply allowing access to external entrances, reception turnstiles, and internal doors. This part of the system also enhances security.

For example, you can choose a system that has anti-passback controls. How do these controls work and why should you think about adding them?

How Does Anti-Passback Work?

Access cards allow people to get into buildings and internal areas. If you have a basic system, then an employee simply swipes or taps their card to open turnstiles or doors. The card gives them access whenever they use it. The card reader sits on the outside of the entrance. People then simply push doors or turnstiles open when they need to exit.

An anti-passback function adds an extra layer to the mix. This feature usually operates on an 'in-out' system that controls how someone can use a card. It typically comes with a card reader on both the entrance and exit sides of an entrance or barrier.

So, an employee can use their card once to open a door or barrier. This is the 'in' part of the process. However, they can't then use the card again on the same entrance unless they are coming through the other way. This is the 'out' part of the process. So, your people will have to follow an 'in-out' sequence to get full card functionality. You can only come in once you clear the card by going out.

More advanced systems also track suspicious card use with extra security measures. For example, you can add controls that send alerts or lockdown doors if someone tries to use their card the wrong way.

What Are the Benefits of Anti-Passback Control?

Anti-passback controls boost your external and internal security. They prevent people from sharing their cards with people who shouldn't be in your building or in restricted areas.

For example, if you have a basic system on entrance turnstiles, then a user could go through the barrier and then pass their card back to someone behind them. That person can then use the card to come into your building.

If your cards have anti-passback controls, this isn't possible. The card can only give entrance access to one person at a time. It won't work again on the entry reader until the user uses it to exit through the turnstile.

To find out more about anti-passback features and benefits, contact a commercial access control solution provider.