3 Tips for Protecting a Store Against Burglars

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Are you exciting to be opening a new jewelry store but aren't thinking your building is secure enough? There are a few different things that can be done to make your jewelry store less appealing to burglars. The key to protecting your investing is to make robbing your building as difficult as possible. Take a look at this article for helpful tips that can be considered for keeping your jewelry store safe when no one is working.

1. Install Bright Lights Around the Building

One of the initial things that burglars look for when attempting to rob a store is a dark entry point into the building. It is in your best interest to get bright lights installed around the perimeter of the building or at least where windows and doors are located. The best types of lights to invest in are the ones that are motion-sensor operated, as they will be more energy efficient. For instance, rather than staying on all throughout the night and running up energy costs, motion-sensor lights will only come on if movement is detected. A burglar might become caught off guard when they see the lights come on and quickly exit your property.

2. Invest in Exterior Security Cameras

A good way to ward off burglars is to get security cameras installed in strategic places around the exterior of your jewelry store. For instance, you want to make sure the cameras are placed in areas where they can clearly be noticed. The sight of the cameras might be enough to keep burglars away. There are security cameras that use motion sensors and can rotate in the direction in which movement is sensed. Motion-sensor cameras are the most ideal because they can monitor a larger portion of your property than other types of cameras can.

3. Use Keyless Locks on the Entry Doors

In case burglars decide to knock down the lights and cameras to attempt getting into your jewelry story, make sure the entry locks are hard to pick. The best locks for your business are the ones that are keyless, as they can't be bumped. Basically, burglars bump locks by inserting a unique key and hitting it with a hard object to turn the doorknob. Keyless locks are also ideal because figuring out codes and duplicating cards for access to your store will be hard for burglars to do. Speak to a locksmith about installing keyless locks as soon as you can.

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