Hiding Places For Your Spare House Key That No One Will Ever Find

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If you are worried about locking yourself out of the house, then you might need to hide a few spare keys around the outside of your home. To help you find the best places that no one else will ever think of, you will want to check out the following suggestions.

Under The Bird Seed

It is highly unlikely that your average criminal is going to want to stand in your front yard and dig through a pile of bird seed in hopes that you might have left a key there. This is why it is one of the best hiding spots. Simply place your spare key in a sealed plastic bag in order to make sure that moisture is not getting in and destroying the key. Once it is in the sealed bag, you can tape the bag to the bottom of the bird feed dish. Then add a lot of bird feed so that it is properly covered. Just make sure that you are making an honest effort to keep an eye on the level of bird feed so that you are always adding more before the key becomes exposed to anyone that might walk by it.

Under Your Vinyl Siding

Find a small section of your vinyl siding where there is a tiny lip of an end piece that is able to be gently lifted up just enough so that you can slide a single key in behind it. Try to find this along the side or the back of the house where you are not as visible to the neighbors or the people passing on the street. Before placing your key behind the siding, you will want to make sure to tie a string onto the one end of the key so that the string can hang out of the siding a little bit. This will help ensure that the key does not become lost behind the siding and that you are able to easily pull it out.

In The Ground

Again, your common criminal might not take it upon themselves to just start digging through your yard. Therefore, you can always hide your spare key there. Simply take an empty prescription bottle and slide your single spare key in there. Dig a little hole in your flower garden that is deep enough to slide the bottle into and then cover it with dirt. Once you have it completely covered, you can then place a decorative rock or landscape figure over it, as this will help you remember where the hole was dug for the spare key.

With those few suggestions in mind, you should have no trouble making sure that you are within reach of a spare key at all times. If you get locked out of your house anyway, contact a locksmith like Fradon Lock Co Inc.