Tips to Avoid Losing Your Keys and Steps for Replacement

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Many of today's new vehicles have remotes and smart keys that allow you to start the engine and unlock doors without using the key itself. Smart keys are very convenient, until they're lost and you have to pay hundreds to replace them. To avoid the inconvenience and expense, try these tips for keeping track of your car keys.

Make Them Harder to Lose

To avoid losing your keys, you'll need to learn to treat them differently. Attaching your key fob to a bigger item like your purse or a wallet makes it more difficult to lose. If you carry a laptop or briefcase, consider putting your keys in the bag. Just walk up to your car, wave your hand over the unlock button and open the door—your keys don't have to leave your bag until you're in the car.

Form a Backup Plan

You shouldn't wait to make duplicate keys until you lose your current set. Find out how much new keys cost, and start investigating lower-cost alternatives. Often, you can find out where your key fob is made and order a second set online. With a little planning, you will never end up stranded without your car keys.

Put a Tag on It

No, we're not talking about your vehicle—it should have a tag already! What we're talking about here are electronic tags that make it easier to find your keys. As technology improves, so do methods for finding lost items. Several companies make GPS trackers that attach to small things (such as key fobs); if they can't be found, you can use a smartphone app to track them. Alternatively, there are lost-and-found services you can use. Simply add a small tag with your contact information to your keyring, and if it's ever lost, you can hope that someone will be generous and honest enough to turn in your keys.

Getting Replacements

If you have done everything you can but your car keys are still lost, it can be expensive to order a replacement set from your dealer and you may not have funds for the unexpected cost. However, some websites, such as eBay, offer factory and aftermarket keys for lower prices. You may need to go to the dealership to have the key fob programmed, at an additional cost, and you may need a locksmith's help, such as one from ASAP Mobile Locksmiths, if your high-tech entry system still uses a conventional key. The cost will be lower, but the relief you'll feel will be priceless.