4 Little Known Services Locksmiths Provide

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When you think about locksmiths, you often think that they are the people you call for emergencies, such as when you lock yourself out of your house or car or need a new key as soon as possible to get back into your car or house. There are many other roles that a locksmith plays that you should consider that are often not taken advantage of enough by homeowners and business owners. Here are four little known services locksmiths provide that can help you live a more secure and safe life:

  1. Install High-Security Locks: Often, a deadbolt on your front and back door is not enough to keep you safe in your home. This is especially true if the deadbolt is not any stronger than the door frame. A burglar can easily kick in the door and break the deadbolt. You can either hire a locksmith to replace the deadbolt so that it is stronger than the door frame itself or you can have them install high-security locks. If you have experienced a robbery in the past, you may consider this. Business owners should also take advantage of this. A locksmith can install fingerprint locks and other modern locking systems that can keep your important and valuable products safe. 
  2. Replace Locks: As a homeowner, you should have the locks on your home replaced every once in a while. Unfortunately, there aren't many homeowners who realize how important this is and that a locksmith can do this for them. Think about the people you have given a copy of a key to your home to in the past to take care of your home while you were away or family that may no longer be in your life. By replacing the locks, you can be sure that people who are not welcome to your home cannot easily get in. 
  3. Change Lock Combinations: If you have a safe in your home or business, it is important to change the combination on those locks every once in a while, as well. After all, there could be many people who know the combination who may no longer work for you or have any need to access it. A locksmith can change the combination by replacing the pins. 
  4. Repair Safes: Another thing you may not realize that a locksmith can do for you is repair any safes you have in your home or business. Too often, if a safe is broken, people will just have it replaced when it may be more affordable just to have a locksmith repair it for you. 

By knowing some of these little known roles of locksmiths, you can better utilize a local locksmith like Irvine Lock & Key to provide more than just emergency services for you, your home, and your business.