Alternative Locations For Your Home's In-Floor Safe

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When you want to put a safe in your home, then placing it into the floor is a good option. This option makes it harder to remove the safe, but you also need to make it difficult to find. For this reason, you need to consider a few alternative locations for your safe.

In Your Laundry Closet

When installing a floor safe, it is tempting to put it into your bedroom or office. However, burglars looking for a safe will search these areas first, which is why a laundry closet is a better option.

Most people only store detergent, fabric softener and bleach in the laundry closet. For this reason, the bottom of the closet is a good place to install a safe, since it will keep it secure and you can still have easy access to your safe when you need to put things in it or take items out.

The idea is to have a false bottom in the base of the closet and place the safe into the floor at this spot. You then place the heavier bottles of your spare detergent or bleach on top of the false bottom to hide the safe's door.

Below Your Stairs

Below a set of stairs is another good hiding place for your safe. Many homes have a small platform at the bottom of their staircase, which in most cases has an empty space. You can place the safe in this location, though it will take some work getting it in.

To install a safe in this spot, you need to pull up the platform and see how big the space is. This will help you determine the size of safe you can put there. The part of the project is securing the safe to the subflooring with some heavy-duty screws.

To finish the project, you will need to install a small door to cover the safe. It is important to make sure the door is even with the rest of the platform, so no one can tell that you have a small opening in that spot. To help conceal this space further, you should place a piece of carpeting over it as well. For an additional safety measure, contact a professional locksmith to help make sure your safe is durable and can withstand a small break-in. 

A safe is a good spot to keep your paperwork, extra cash or jewelry, but you need to make sure no one can get into it. The easiest way to accomplish this goal is to hide your safe, but you also want to make sure you can get into easily. By choosing an alternative area in your home for your floor safe, you will be able to prevent burglars from locating and taking the contents of the safe.