Securing A Business: What You Should Know About Deadbolts & Electronic Locks

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Did you get a new building constructed for your business and now want the most secure locks on the doors? There are a few different types of locks that are great for securing a building, such as deadbolts and electronic locks. Below, discover the benefits of using deadbolts and electronic locks for securing your business.

How Is Securing a Business with Deadbolts Beneficial?

Deadbolts are beneficial for a business because they are not easy to pick. Burglars will have to spend a lot of time picking a deadbolt because the lock won't open unless a series of small pins in it are correctly manipulated. The lock must also be picked with certain tools before it will open.

Another benefit of using deadbolts is that they are constructed out of steel. The bolt of steel will remain secure because it rests deep inside the door jamb when locked. The only way to get the bolt out of the door jamb is with a key. Otherwise, burglars will have to use a saw to remove a portion of the door jamb. Your security alarm will likely scare them away before they get the deadbolt open. Although using deadbolts can be beneficial for securing doors, you may find electronic locks more suitable for your needs.

What Makes Electronic Locks Useful for a Business?

Electronic door locks are great for business owners because they will allow you to issue cards to your employees for access to the business. Carded locks can be more beneficial than using keys because they can be activated or deactivated in no time, which is helpful if you hire or fire an employee. The cards can be swiped into the electronic lock, but there are also electronic locks that are coded. Using coded locks is ideal if you don't want to worry about keys or cards getting misplaced.

Electronic locks are also useful because they are more secure than deadbolts. The locks are installed with an electronic motor placed inside of the door jamb. Trying to pick a lock with an electronic motor is difficult unless it is done by a specialist because the lock won't budge unless it is done electronically with an activated card or code.

You will find that deadbolts and electronic locks can be beneficial for securing your business. Opt for using a combination of both lock types if you can't make a decision. Get in touch with a commercial locksmith to get your doors secured! Contact a company like High Security Locksmith for more information.