Using Keyless Systems At Your Business

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If you have a business with several employees, and you are worried about the security of your building, switching to a keyless entry system helps with securing the area effectively. More and more commercial businesses are making the switch to keyless entry as there are several benefits to the business owner in using one. Here are some of the reasons why a keyless entry can help keep your own business safe from theft.

Eliminating Risk

There is no need to worry about having to make a new key each time an employee leaves the company. Each employee will have their own code designated to enter into a keypad, or it is encrypted into a card to be read in a card reading machine. Fingerprint readers are another option. When an employee is fired or quits, the information is eliminated from a database so the code is no longer usable, saving you the worry that someone will enter on the sly.

Tracking Use

Keyless entry systems allow you to check usage. Each time a door is accessed, the time and employee information is placed into the database to be used, if needed. No one will be able to sneak into the building after-hours without it being documented. This is extremely useful should your business be robbed. You will have a list of all possible thieves, helping to eliminate people who are innocent of the crime. 

Setting Restrictions

If you do not want anyone getting into the business at certain times, keyless entry systems allow you to set restrictions that will keep people from entering. Simply set time restrictions on the doors so they do not open until you specify. If you want only certain people to have access, their codes are cleared for entry while keeping others out. This can also be used to keep employees out of certain restricted areas within the business. Set up keyless entry points at doorways where security is needed, and code them so only authorized users can gain access.

Accessing During Outages

Some keypads work via battery back up should the power happen to go out. This is great for businesses that cannot afford downtime. Employees will still be able to get around within the company without restriction, allowing for work to be done even when there is a no-power condition. This is also an important security feature should you need to evacuate the building, as there will be a list of those that exited, allowing you to check up on those that are not aware of the evacuation. (For more information, contact a professional in commercial lock repair)