2 Door Lock Options For Protecting Your Business More Effectively

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One of the problems business owners have is when employees quit and fail to return the keys to the company, or when they make duplicate copies of their keys before returning them. Not only does this pose risks to the business, but it can become very costly if you decide to rekey the locks each time this happens. If you would like to avoid this problem in the future, you may want to implement one of these options in the near future.

Key Card Locks

The first option you have would require a decent size investment and a complete overhaul of the locks on the doors of your company, but it does offer a way to prevent problems with ex-employees having keys.

Key card locks are those that require people to swipe cards (similar to credit cards) through the readers to gain access into a building or room. Each card you issue must be activated to work with certain door locks. When a want to restrict access to certain doors for a particular person, you can easily deactivate that person's card without having the card present.

According to Cost Owl, this type of system can cost around $1,500 to $2,500 per door, and these costs are based on having 150 people with cards.

Restrictive Keyway Locks

The second option you have is to hire a locksmith to turn all your current locks into restrictive locks. With this option, you will not have to replace or overhaul your entire door lock system. The locksmith will simply need to remove the locks and insert special cylinders in them. When this is done, you will have a unique locking system for your entire building.

You can issue keys to your employees, but these keys will be considered restrictive keys. This means that they cannot get the keys duplicated. With this option, you will never have to worry about changing the door locks, as long as the employees turn in their keys when they quit.

To ensure that employees return keys when they leave, you can ask all new employees to sign a document that instructs them to do this. By signing this document, each employee will agree to pay a rekeying fee if they fail to return their keys.

Protecting your company through a new lock system could be exactly what your business needs, and you can learn more about these options and more by contacting a locksmith (such as one from Bellows Locksmith) today.