4 Reasons Your Car Key Isn't Working Right

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If you ever find yourself unable to get into your car or start your car with your key, you are going to need to work with a locksmith in order to get your key working again. There are a few reasons why your key may have worked before but is no longer working to start your vehicle.

Reason #1: Worn Down Key

If you have a key that you have to put inside of the door lock and the car starter, over time, through being used thousands of times, your key may get worn down. Just like the key to your home, the key to your car can also get worn down over time.

This just happens, as the friction of using the key wears down the key. If your key is old, the key structure may just be a little too worn down in order to actually work in your door or ignition anymore.

Reason #2: Poor Copy

If you recently got a copy of your key made, and it worked for a little bit but stopped working, the issue may be that the locksmith you worked with just didn't do a very good duplicating the key.

Duplicating a key requires a skilled locksmith, and some locksmiths just don't get the process right. Take your keys to another locksmith, and have them create a better-working duplicate key for your vehicle.

Reason #3: Dead Key Fob Batteries

If your key is actually a key fob, the first thing you are going to want to check if your key is not working properly is the batteries inside of your key fob. If the batteries are running low, your key may only work intermittently. If the batteries are dead, your key may not work at all. You are going to want to change out the key fob battery to see if that fixes the issue.

Reason #4: Programming Issue

Modern key fobs work through the use of programming. Inside of the key fob, you are going to find connectors that convey information to your vehicle. These connectors allow you to open your vehicle and start your car. When the connectors inside get damaged, you need a skilled locksmith to fix the damage inside. You also need a skilled electrician to reprogram the key so that it will unlock your vehicle and start your car.

If your car key is not working anymore, work with a skilled locksmith to troubleshoot the issue and help you get back into your vehicle.

For more information, reach out to a local locksmith service.